Extensya is glad to announce our all-new cutting-edge Chatbot

Extensya, a provider of best-in-class contact center solutions is delighted to announce the implementation of the advanced AI chatbot solution at Solidarity; by providing the company’s customers with a unique automated user journey, that answers their frequent inquiries regarding insurance pricing, medical network, locations and contact details.

Extensya has provided Solidarity with a powerful chatbot supported by an in-house built Arabic NLP engine, in a mission of serving Solidarity’s customers with a tailor made chatbot that suits their personal needs.

In addition to the chatbot, extensya has provided Solidarity with a set of cutting-edge products including chat and voice contact center solutions which supports the chatbot customer journey in a way that guarantees an efficient, joyful and man-machine hybrid experience.

Solidarity’s WhatsApp integrated chatbot is a mature Arabic bot, with the ability to capture user intents through their inquiries and interact with a personalized messages and engaging conversation.

Due to the growing importance of automation and digital transformation, both Extensya and Solidarity understand the value of business technology in achieving better and more accurate results while reducing workload, improving quality, and enhancing communication.

Extensya was extremely delighted with the output of the project, and be a part of the digital transformation sphere; always aiming to provide the best customer experience solutions.