We have many years of experience working with the biggest E-commerce companies in the middle east like turkey and china, by offering multichannel support like inbound/outbound calls, live chat, and email support to the clients.

Our expert team in Extensya is professional in executing your customer service quickly, efficiently and with a high customer satisfaction rate by demonstrating the brand image, processes, and procedures of your E-commerce company.

We track complaints and resolve them in a chronological manner, and we provide pre-sales and aftersales support. Our team can help in obtaining customers locations accurately and confirm orders by analyzing your customer behavior where we utilize our experience to get the best answer rate intervals.

Our call center representatives are the best professionals in terms of knowledge and practical problem -solving skills. They help customers navigate your site and increase conversion and customer retention since it’s one of our main goals.

Our team is also skilled in educating customers with custom rules & regulations for different countries.

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