Contact Management

Contact Management

Lead times, best-fit human talents, and organizational adaptability remain some of the most pressing challenges that modern-day business leaders are often faced with. Be it a merger and acquisition, major product re-launch, or operational optimization initiative, organizations often engage in business transformation activities that require a high degree of agility, resolve, and rapid turn-around time. Beneath all that, is the level of satisfaction on an organization’s customer base, which drives the growth of any organization …That is often the single most critical underlying factor that would determine the success of the organization as a whole.

Convenience, accessibility, speed, efficiency, reliability and security are the pillars of the overall customer experience. Each of those pillars is built through a well-functioning set of customer access channels which we, at Extensya, created as our own pillars for service. At Extensya, we evaluate the customer experience in an all-encompassing approach that revolves around the needs of the customer first and foremost.

Extensya helps its clients with various Customer Experience Outsourcing functions including:

People: Empowering people to talk to people, skillfully and intelligently:

Extensya attracts and retains only top-notch team members. Our contact centers are staffed exclusively with university graduates, who are hand-picked to meet our stringent screening process. Our teams are structured in the following manner.

  • Intensive supervision, follow up, and quality monitoring, operating with five management resources for every 50 agents – well above the international standards.
  • Extensive development programs (soft skills and technical capabilities).
  • Concrete performance management systems coupled with aggressive incentive schemes and pay-for-performance programs.
  • Ongoing linguistic skills development and practice.
  • Emphasis on creating a culture where excellence in customer service is at the forefront of priorities.

Technology: The machine behind the scene

To ensure utmost quality, efficiency and maximum returns for our partners, we have invested in top-of-the-line technology that is both innovative and reliable. The technology has been tried and tested throughout our past experiences in the contact management outsourcing business.
Extensya uses a state-of-the-art VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) infrastructure that anchors a layer of best-of-breed business support applications, integration platforms, and monitoring tools. A combination so powerful and homogeneous that excellence is ensured at all levels.

  • Our technical infrastructure is resilient and reliable with fully duplicated components, ensuring full availability with virtually no service interruptions. This is coupled with round the clock technical support, which guarantees minimal impact in case of outages.
  • Our platforms are flexible and dynamic, enabling the support any kind of application and the design of endless combinations of customized contact management services.
  • We use open standards and a flexible architecture, which enables easy integration with most CRM and customer support applications that are already being used by our partners. This ensures smooth collaboration and seamless interaction.
  • Our systems provide extremely powerful reporting capabilities offering our partners full online access to interaction data, transaction logs, real time details, call records, etc., facilitating full visibility and control.
  • Our IT infrastructure was designed with the best security standards built into it, ensuring utmost safety and security of the data related to our partners and their business transactions.


Extensya has built its organizational structure in a manner that ensures Business Excellence every step of the way. The various business units and workgroups are set to allow easy exchange of data and transfer of knowledge, with a dedicated team to look after quality (Center of Excellence). Extensya’s Center of Excellence was established owing to the necessity of segregating the Performance management and Internal Audit teams from the day to day operations, and having a strong focus on delivery of Customer Excellence.

COE plays a major role in two ways:

  • Continuous improvement activities.
  • Ensuring Compliance and Integrity.

Continuous improvement is guaranteed through maintaining the above values, and following a stringent set of guidelines to insure continues improvement. A framework well set and followed through for all of Extensya’s current and future clients.

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