01 Experience

Extensya has extensive experience in the context of large and complex projects for leading organizations within the region. We also possess the necessary market knowledge and industry know-how.

02 Best Practices and International Standards

Extensya operates based on a set of best world practices and international standards that have been proven worldwide, such, ISO 9001, ASQ, and Kaizen. These practices have been deployed by Extensya, where service delivery always follows stringent standards, and quality is maintained across all functions and activities.

03 Human Talent – Management Team

Extensya is driven by a team with years of experience in contact management and CRM management. We know that a customer’s positive interaction with its service provider builds loyalty and can ultimately affect a company’s growth and development. We do not merely provide a service, but we understand and respect our partners’ needs and even help anticipate them.

04 Quality Assurance

An effective Quality Assurance framework that has been tried and tested, and would ensure effective delivery of the service and improved customer experience.

05 Technology Know-How

Extensya has extensive technical experience in the areas of Contact Management Systems (CMS), Call Centers platforms, CRM applications, and support tools, which enables us to adapt to all the current and future needs of our clients, and ensure continues development.

06 Control and Transparency

The solutions that Extensya provides have been designed with full control and transparency built into them. Our advanced practices and support tools make it possible that our clients and Extensya are literally on the same page, allowing full tracking of all activities, just as if we are sitting next door to our clients.

07 Flexibility

Extensya is extremely flexible when it comes to addressing the needs and requirements of the client, and therefore the service is tailor-made according to the specific business needs of the client and reviewed and altered as required.