Training Services

Training Services

Building training material is not a big deal as we have an experienced team that can assess and create or build a tailor-made training material that serves the purpose of preparing your staff so they can offer your customers with high standards.

Materials are built in a practical model to cover all your products and services including your procedures and processes mapped with your operations.

Materials are periodically reviewed to be modified based on TNI/TNA needs and requirements to guarantee that materials are well prepared by your staff and updates are added with an easy concept to be understood by your team.

Training Courses

From our experience and experienced team in different industries and markets, Extensya is capable to provide a specialized training in various topics by starting with cultural training based on the serving markets to engage candidates in the served country traditions,main locations,maps,specifications,linguistics and guarantee the best customer experience from the international standards applied in the market which will lead to improving your day-to-day activities to guarantee the best results with well -trained staff to achieve your goals and objectives.

Training is built on best practices / fun practical models including visuals, videos and smart info-graphics along with a structured certification process on each phase the employee completes, to make sure that candidates can pass the required phases with high scores.

Nesting period is an essential key to training success. In this phase, our trainer starts shadowing mode with each candidate to make sure that key points and training are well implemented in the live mode while performing day-to-day activities.

Training facility

Extensya has well -prepared facilities with high standards and technology that contain multiple programs with up to 200 employees’ capacity to make sure that your training requirements are served on time with high efficiency.

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